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Oracle Primavera P6 

Oracle Primavera P6 Training


Project management and project planning are related. One cannot imagine a successful project without successful project scheduling. As they say, "Everything is created twice", in projects everything is created twice, first in planning and then in reality. Oracle Primavera P6 is the best tool available for project planning. Anyone involved in construction, manufacturing, information technology, telecommunications, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical and electronics, aerospace and oil and gas needs this tool to successfully plan their projects. Primavera P6 offers an unparalleled advantage in effectively controlling your project, regardless of its level of complexity. Oracle Primavera software is used in over 175 countries.


With the growing demand for Primavera P6, now is the best time to learn this valuable tool and emerge as a project management expert once this crisis is over. We will discuss the main benefits of taking Oracle Primavera P6 training


TMR Project Consulting we offer a complete course on Primavera P6 starting with the basics and ending with rigorous training content, case study. By following this training, you will have a practical experience of the software that will allow you to apply the best project management techniques in your projects. It is preferable to experiment and work on a real time project example during the training to better understand the projects in the field. At the end of the training, you will receive an international training certificate with its Credly Badge that you can add to your resume and share on your LinkedIn profile.

Master your project

Primavera P6 training will allow you to fully understand your project. Think of this tool as your car's dashboard. A car's dashboard gives you information about current fuel level, mileage and speed. Similarly, Primavera P6 is your project dashboard from which you can measure your project's current progress, remaining tasks, time to complete the project, critical project activities, etc.

First, Primavera helps simplify a complex project into smaller, more manageable tasks. These tasks are then aligned in this tool which allows managers to easily access the resources and time needed to complete the project. In addition, the project can be tracked in real time to measure current progress against the original baseline schedule.



Learning Primavera P6 is a very important skill. It will surely increase your professional value, but it is somewhat difficult to learn on your own because of the complexity of this software. You may learn some aspects, but to fully understand this skill, you should consider learning it under the supervision of a qualified professional.