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إدارة المشروع: التدريب والدعم والتحضير لشهادة PMP.

Oracle Primavera P6: التدريب والدعم (المستوى الأساسي والمتقدم)

تدريب ودعم الصحة والسلامة

التدريب على إدارة الجودة والدعم






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Yes mastering Oracle Primavera P6 can enhance your career… Here’s how and why you should work your way up to a Project Controller or Manager position. 

Actually knowing the #1 used essential software for the job is common sense.

Why, you ask? I will answer this in two parts: why construction projects fail, and how training on Primavera P6 is important.

Why Do Construction Projects Fail?

The top reasons why construction projects fail are:

  • Lack of preparation and planning

  • Inaccurate documentation

  • Poor leadership

  • Undefined parameters

  • Inexperienced project managers and controllers

  • Inaccurate cost estimates

  • Ineffective communication

  • Lack of resource management

  • Disregarding project warning signs such as delays

The solution to avoiding these pitfalls is learning the one tool project controllers need to master.

And what is the #1 software tool that Project Controls Specialists need to master?

It’s Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management.

But trust me, using Primavera P6 to build and manage project schedules isn’t always as easy as Oracle would like you to think. Primavera P6 can sometimes baffle even experienced project professionals. That’s why we believe in training that is repeatable.

How Learning Primavera P6 Enhances Your Career:

The obvious reason for mastering Oracle Primavera P6, again, is avoiding those mistakes that can overhaul an entire project. Mastering this software helps you properly plan a construction project from start to finish with well-defined timelines, float, resource analysis, delays, and scheduling alerts. It also streamlines managing multiple projects in a portfolio. It is a highly flexible software with real-time project reporting. You can get ahead of any costly delays or issues in your project.

The market projected growth and salary increases are another reason to consider. Walking into your next project with the skills and experience needed to make it a success  will put you on the right and quick path to advance in this field. A skilled project controller is the top choice for more projects – higher paying projects.

While undoubtedly there are other tools project managers and controllers use, Oracle’s Primavera P6 remains the most used software for project scheduling and planning in the construction industry.

This is where a course following a learn-at-your-own-pace model is the best choice. You learn the best practices from the experts from foundations to advanced applications. This is what we offer here at Plan Academy – the path to enhance your career in project controls.

So, yes… Mastering Primavera P6 can and will enhance your career. To make it even easier, TMR Project Consulting is the place to start.

Mastering Oracle Primavera P6  

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